Equine Services

We are dedicated to providing outstanding care for our equine patients.


We know how important a healthy horse is to your life, your business and/or your family. We are dedicated to providing outstanding care for our equine patients.


We can perform a thorough wellness exam in the safety and comfort of our indoor stocks located at the clinic. If you prefer Dr. Myers visit your home, farm, or stable to examine or treat your horses, she can provide these services as well. A routine examination can detect minor health issues before they become a serious problem. Dr. Myers will check your horse’s heart, lungs, eyes, and mouth for any health concerns. She’ll also ask you a number of questions pertinent to your horse’s overall health during the exam. Generally, our routine health exam is linked to one of the other equine services we provide such as annual vaccinations or teeth floating.

We generally examine lame horses at rest, walking, and trotting if possible. Their hooves and limbs will be thoroughly examined for any swelling or abnormalities. If necessary, we have a portable x-ray machine that can be used here at the clinic or on the farm to further diagnose any lameness issues.

A pre-purchase exam is recommended before purchasing any horse. The examination is a combination of our lameness and routine physical exams. We can include extra diagnostic tests such as x-rays, ultrasounds, and blood work to alert you to many underlying health issues.

We firmly believe prevention is the best medicine whenever possible. We can create custom vaccination protocols to best meet your needs. We can set up schedules for pregnant mares, newborn and weanling foals, show and sporting horses, and pleasure horses to ensure that your horse is adequately protected.

Maintaining a horse’s teeth is critical to the animal’s overall health. Removing the sharp points on the outside of the upper arcades and inside of the lower arcades by floating their teeth regularly will help maintain the integrity of the horse’s mouth. Regular dental care will also help to keep irregularities such as waves and missing teeth at a minimum. We generally recommend floating your horse’s teeth when one of the following signs is present: dropping feed, weight loss, or fighting the bit. We have an equine stock located here at the clinic for your safety and convenience.


If you have any concerns about your horse's health, we offer in-house blood analysis, ultrasound, and x-ray to help diagnose your horse's health issue. We also have a full in-house pharmacy to get your horses the medication they need without delay.

We can repair umbilical hernias and perform castrations. We also can remove small masses, perform Caslick procedures on pregnant mares and repair lacerations depending on the location of the wound. Major surgeries are referred to equine specialists.

We can treat minor colic issues medically. Severe colic cases are referred to equine specialists.

We prefer to detect an equine pregnancy very early at 14-15 days of gestation which is prior to implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall. Detection at 14-15 days allows for the detection of twins prior to fixation to the uterine wall. If twins are detected early enough, one of the twins may be pinched off. Ultrasound also allows us to non-invasively detect any uterine or ovarian abnormalities that may be causing reproductive issues in a mare.